Power One Office
雄壹製作有限公司 提供了獨一無二的室內裝修創意設計方案。我們的團隊誠懇聆聽您的意見,在以客為本的精神下提供一系列對室內裝修設計的專業支援。在團隊的支援下,我們嘗試令裝修與設計更具客製化。憑著多年的裝修設計經驗,我們將會讓您享受到創意設計的樂趣。


– 室內設計
– 出口傢俬 & 設計
– 裝飾設計
– 出口家居產品設計 & 生產

Power One Production Limited provides creativity and own style design. We promise to meet the requirements of our clients. We shall value your opinions and never force our preferences on you. Moreover, we would make the design process positive, supportive and manageable.

We try to understand our client’s design goals, styles and expectations in order to make the design process smoother and more enjoyable. Furthermore, we will eliminate any obstacles on you by our experiences and passions.

Our Services
– Interior Design
– Export Furniture & Design
– Decoration Work
– Export Home Product Design & Production